SENS Studio Limited is proud to be awarded the Caring Company Logo. SENS Studio has been actively providing charity services for the community. Last year, one of the organizations to which we provide services, The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), nominated SENS for the Caring Company Logo. The Caring Company Logo is part of the Caring Company Scheme launched by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS). It aims at cultivating good corporate citizenship. It is specifically geared to building strategic partnerships among business and non-profit organizations to create a more cohesive society. We look forward to working with more NGO partners in the coming year to promote social responsibility of corporation.

SENS Studio Limited獲得「商界展關懷」標誌, 我們一直以來活躍於社區慈善服務,上年,香港愛護動物協會──其中一間我們定期提供義工服務的組織,提名SENS Studio為「商界展關懷」標誌。 「商界展關懷」標誌是商界展關懷計劃的其中一個項目,由香港社會服務聯會籌辦。社聯開展這個「商界展關懷」計劃的目的是 要培養企業的社會責任,以及建立一個社區伙伴合作關係。我們非常期待在未來一年能與更多的非政府組織夥伴合作,推動企業社會責任。