How long does each photography session take?
Each session will take approximately 90 minutes , including time for briefing, warm-up and break. In order not to affect the next session, please arrive our studio on time as appointed.

What is the image size?
We provide digital files in JPEG only. The resolution of each image is about 20 megapixels, of which the printed output can be produced in sizes of 4R, 8R and 12R.


How many photos will be taken in each photography session?
Basically 200-300 shots will be taken. Our SENS photographer will retouch the best 60-100 images for clients to select their favorites.

How many days in advance shall I book a session?
Client is usually required to make the reservation 7-14 days in advance the shooting day for your preference. We will reconfirm the booking the day before the photography, by phone call or via WhatsApp message. If you cannot attend the session, please inform us as soon as possible. Reschedule can be arranged ONCE (for package of original price only) and administration charge HKD$300 will be incurred thereafter.

What shall I prepare for Pet Photography?
i) You are advised to help your pet(s) do pet-grooming before shooting. 
ii) Hygiene necessities for pets including comb, towels, pet pads, toilet paper and toilet bags so as to maintain cleanliness of the studio. 
iii) Snacks for reward; fresh water for refreshment.
iv) 3-4 sets of smart-looking clothes & accessories. 
v) Home-like articles and vocal toys can also let them feel safe and get involved during the shooting.


When and how do I get the images and/or products?
In general, it takes about 90 working days once the order is made (from the date of photo-viewing). We will inform you to collect the products by phone call and/or WhatsApp message. You are advised to pick up on Studio; if not, delivery by courier can be also arranged.


What are payment options?
Cash, cheque, EPS, PayMe, PayPal and/or credit card (American Express, MasterCard, VISA, Union Pay) are accepted.